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​​Backstage ATL is combined efforts but two different companies of two long time friends, Kevin Wyglad of Vertical Sound Studio and Robby Heisner of Van Gogh Video Productions, who put together their professional talents and produce a high quality online TV show that spotlights music artist from Georgia - local, regional, national, and international artist.

The concept of the show, Hear The Stories (intimate interviews with aritsts), and Hear The Music (a short set of the band's favorites), the artists perform unplugged with strip down instrumentation. The setting is a backstage feel - get to know the artist type of vibe - backstage, not on-stage. But, some of these Backstage shows really jam! We invite artists that are comfortable with an unplugged show, and we invite/challenge artists that do not typical perform acoustically. Backstage was the first venue some national artists have ever perform acoustically.

Kevin Wyglad, is a veteran of the music business, the hosts the show, and coordinator of artist relations. Kevin also is the music producer and post engineer of the audio mix. 

Robby Heisner, is a veteran of the music business, as well as a 12 time Telly Award winning video editor and director that produces the amazing visual presentation.

Also making the show happen is a team of 8-10 techs. A video switcher, 3 camera ops, stage manager, in-house audio tech, recording audio tech, stage hands, in-house photographer, and catering/hospitality team. All team members are either pro musicians or pro techs.

All shows were shot at Van Gogh Video Productions studio.  To see photos of the facility, see the Gallery page on this website or visit All the audio was recorded and mixed by Vertical Sound Studio.

           Robby & Kevin at the 2012 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards in the VIP seats.